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Historical Dictionary of the Kurds. .

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  • Shakaki — (in Kurdish: Şikakî) is a sub dialect of Kurmanji Kurdish and is spoken in a parts of Kurdish regions in Iran and Iraq, especially in Badinan region in Southern Kurdistan and among Kurdish tribes around the city of Maku in Eastern Kurdistan …   Wikipedia

  • Shikak — (Shakak)    The Shikak are a tribal confederation that became powerful in the second half of the 19th century on both sides of the Ottoman and Persian borders in the mountainous regions west and northwest of Lake Urumiya. They are Sunni Muslim… …   Historical Dictionary of the Kurds

  • List of assassinated people — This is a list of persons who were assassinated; that is, important people who were murdered, usually for ideological or political reasons. This list does not include executed persons. TOCright Assassinations in Africa Algeria *Hiempsal, (117 BC) …   Wikipedia

  • Faridi's Unofficial Aide — The following fictional characters are unofficial helpers to the spy and crime fighter Colonel Faridi in the Jasoosi Dunya ( The Spy World ) series of Urdu spy novels by Ibn e Safi. AnwarAnwar fleetingly delivers an opening in “Maut ki Aandhee”… …   Wikipedia

  • Somay Brados — Somay Brados, (in Persian (official language of Iran): صومای برادوست Somay Baradoost, in Kurdish: Somay Brados) is a district west of Lake Urmia, between the city of Urmia and the Turkey border. It lies in the West Azarbaijan province of Iran.The …   Wikipedia

  • Shekak — is considered as the largest among all the Kurdish tribes in West Azerbaijan province in Iran. This large tribe lives around the city of Maku and speaks with Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish language (Shakaki sub dialect). This tribe consists of many… …   Wikipedia

  • Ōita dialect — A sign that uses Ōita ben Ōita dialect, or Ōita ben, is a dialect of Japanese spoken in Ōita Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. Even within the prefecture, regional differences are still prevalent; for example, vocabulary within the Hita and Nakatsu… …   Wikipedia

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